A non-collective sanitation facility (NCF) is any sanitation facility that collects, transports, treats and disposes of all domestic water (except rainwater) in order to preserve the natural environment. Non-collective sanitation of more than 20 p. e. is applied to housing groups and buildings that are not connected to the public sewerage network.

The treated wastewater consists of black water (toilet water) and grey water (washbasins, kitchen, washing machine, shower, etc.). Our ANC solutions of more than 20 EH allow the common treatment of all these wastewater. All our systems - all-water pits (upstream of a sand filter or spreading system), activated sludge systems and compact high-capacity filters - meet the standards and legislation in force (decree of 21 July 2015). 

Each dimensioning requires a complete and specific study by a public service of non-collective sanitation (SPANC). Our teams will advise you in the choice of your field of study.