Polyethylene bar screen

A grit chamber is a device designed to :
- protect a wasted water decontamination intallation or rainwater pre-treatment against the arrival of large objects which risk to block the installation
- to separate and evacuate voluminous matter hunted by the effluent and which would distrub the good working of the device.

We propose the DEG2 with tank in high density polyethylene equipped with rake basket produced in galvanized round bar. The rake basket is removable, so make the mainteance easier.

The grit chamber settle down before the decanter digester, all-wtaers tank or oil separator.

For the wole of our range :
- decanter digester : DV3/06000 to DH3/30000
- all-waters tank : 8000 to 25 000 l
- oil separator : 1,5 to 15 l/s


The effluent comes in the device which have high diameter inlet 160 and an outlet with the same diameter.
The inclined grating or the rake basket catch the large object which can be transmitted by the effluent.

The bars of the grating are enough spaced to avoid clogging.

The device lid get up to permit an easy maintenance.

The effluent comes in the device which has an entrance with a high diameter of 160 and a low exit with the same diameter.
The rak basket retains the most important objects who can be vehicle for the effluent. The gratting bars are adequately spaced to avoid the clogging.
The device must be installed inside of the building and put on a perfectly level.
It will be buried aside from vehicle passing. His lid will arrive at the level of the ground and will be easily accessible to allows the maintenance.
The bottom of the excavation will be on a perfectly level and cover with 10 cm sand. The infilling will made with sand and, in no instance, with gravel or stone.

In case of vehicle passing and in case of the lid can't arrived at the level of the ground, the device must have to recieve a concrete slab taking support on the edge of the excavation and containing cast iron cover. This slab will be calculated to resist of imposed constraints without taking support on the device.

The grit chamber can be equipped with extension shaft RH 2301.
The grit chamber must be visited regulary.
The mainteance consist to collect the object which are stopped by the grating. These objects are evacuated with household refuse.

Rinse the device with clean water.