PE sludge traps from 368 to 2416L - Installation above ground or buried in the presence of water table or without slab with a maximum backfill height of 800mm.

The silt storage is a device designed to separate and store heavy matter (sand, gravel, silt) contained in raw water before their passage in greases separator or oil separator.
When it's placed upstream to a greases separator it permits to lower the temperature of collected water come from kitchen.
Upstream to the installations of pre-treatment to save the heavy matter contained in collected water.
The device will be buried. It's planned to be installed in the presence oh phreatic table or with hydromorphic ground whose level doesn't exceed the superior generator of the device.
In case of vehicles passing or a backfill of over 800 mm above the device, it's necessary to pour concrete sab, taking support on not moved ground in order that the separator doesn't withstand the strains.
Respect the recommandations on installation instruction on P046.
The cover will always remain accessible to allow the maintenance.
Vent pipes : see sheet C010.
Distance extraction DN80 is possible by ordering OD4-BBTN option.
The installer has to supply and set up a suction tube in PVC to be linked with the exit of the device and has to place, in border of the street, the fireman join delivered with the option.
The cleaning company will drain the device regulary when the silt quantity collected affected 50 % of the device volume.
After each draining, it's imperative to entirely fill the silt storage with cold water.


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