Filter neutralization

A polyethylene neutralization filter is an apparatus for neutralizing battery acids (H2SO4) that can be discharged into the system following the cleaning of a storage area or spill.

Characteristics :
- The casing is made of high density polyethylene.
- The basket is made of polyethylene with stainless steel grid.
- The lifting handle of the basket is made of galvanized steel.
- The fittings are PVC.
- The 400 diameter screw cap is made of polyethylene.
- Crushed marble: - 75 kg for FN2 / 500
- 100 kg for FN2 / 950
The acid-laden water enters the apparatus through the diving elbow. Heavy materials settle in the bottom. The acid-laden effluent passes through the marble layer and comes out of the unit. Acid is neutralized by consuming marble.
The unit will be buried outside the building, as close as possible to the area to be treated. Its lid will arrive at ground level. The bottom of the excavation must be perfectly flat and covered with 10 cm of sand. The embankment will be made with sand and in no case with stone or gravel. The filling of the apparatus will be carried out at the same time as the backfilling. In the case of vehicles passing through a radius of 3 ml, overload or backfill of more than 500 mm from the outgoing water line, it must be installed with a polyethylene extension anchored in a concrete slab resting on the undisturbed ground, all around the apparatus, so that the separator does not directly under load.
The inspection pad (s) will always be accessible for maintenance.
In case of presence of ground water or flood plain, consult our Design Office.
This polyethylene appliance is insensitive to corrosion. It does not require any special maintenance. The marble must be completed regularly because it is consumed by the acid. Every 6 months the appliance must be drained completely and cleaned. Fill it with clear water after draining with a pipe of a suitable diameter to the volume of the device.


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