After several months of research, development and implementation, we are proud to announce the commercialization of our new microstation : the Next-Gen BIOXYMOP. Robust, ultra-compact, even easier to use and more efficient, the Next-Gen BIOXYMOP is an economical and eco-friendly solution.

Based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) principle, the 6 P.E. Next-Gen BIOXYMOP microstation offers a high treatment level, thus meeting the requirements of both the EN12566-3 and the decree of the 7th of September 2009. This process also allows for a better tolerance to variations in organic and hydraulic loads. 

The Next-Gen BIOXYMOP is made of 3 successive compartments with distinct functions :

A 3 m3 decanter : domestic waste water flows into the primary clarifier. This pre-treatment allows the largest particles to be retained at the bottom and to float towards the surface. 

An aeration tank : the pre-treated effluent then passes through the aeration tank where dissolved contaminants are eliminated by the purifying bacteria fixed on the free supports.

A clarifier : the treated effluent is separated from suspended solids. The AIRLIFT System allows the recirculation of effluents to the primary clarifier.

BIOThe Next-Gen BIOXYMOP is delivered ready-to-install. Easy to handle, install and connect, the 6 P.E. microstation is appropriate for many types of soils : hydromorphic, clayey, silty, with water table, small surface, etc.

Commissioning assistance is offered for the purchase of a BIOXYMOP microstation.

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