Secondary treatment. A new approval for the BIONUT2 filter


For the rehabilitation of traditional wastewater treatment plants at reduced cost. SIMOP obtained on December 20, 2019 a new approval (2019-010-ext01 to ext13) for its range of filters "BIONUT2 FS" from 4 to 20 PE, only in secondary treatment.

This approval offers a more flexible and economical solution for rehabilitating traditional wastewater treatment systems in case of defective or end-of-life treatment.   

Provided that the tank is still in good condition (structure and operation) and correctly sized, this new approval allows the installation of a compact filter with a "hazelnut shell" type filtering medium. A single filter is sufficient for the 4, 5, 6 and 8 PE filters. 
From 10 to 20 p.e., sets of 2, 3 or 4 filters in parallel are to be installed at the outlet of the all-water tank, using the distribution manhole and the floating trough supplied as standard.
More precisely, the all-water pits already installed must comply with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 with regard to the CE marking according to the standards NF EN 12566-1+A1 and 12566-4+A1. They must also have characteristics at least similar to those used in the complete BIONUT systems, in terms of volume, compliance with leakage tests, durability of the material, and hydraulic efficiency of the prefilter. This information is documented on the manufacturers' DDPs (performance declarations).

The new range includes the following references:
- low outlet : BIONUT2/6054/04FS to 20FS
- high outlet : BIONUT2/6054/04FSSH to 20FSSH (with lifting station)
The filters are supplied with 150 mm extensions and lifting straps up to 8 PE. Beyond that, these accessories are optional.