Réguleo® - An efficient, adaptable and ready-to-use rainwater regulation system.


Rainwater is still too often collected and then evacuated by sewage collectors; the all-pipe system is now showing its limits due to its harmful impact on the city and the environment.

Quantitative and qualitative control of runoff, management at the parcel level, water recovery by total or partial disconnection from the networks, are effective means, and make it possible to define solutions that are framed in the PLUI (Plan Local d'Urbanisme Intercommunal), development plans... 

SIMOP offers a patented technology for regulating rainwater that can be adjusted from 0.3 to 12 L/s. The system consists of a polyethylene tank, a regulation system equipped with a strainer and an overflow. If the set flow rate is low, the regulation system will be protected from any obstructions thanks to the multiple principles designed for optimal efficiency. A submerged screen and a sludge settling zone will retain the solids. A self-cleaning core complements the bar screen thanks to a rotary movement around a calibrated diaphragm.
Réguleo®, marketed through a network of distributors, traders, can be installed after a ditch, a tank, a SAUL basin, an infiltration drain or a grassy basin,... in order to regulate the water towards the downstream hydraulic system (public network, river...) at a set flow rate (L/s/ha)
The system is patented and tested by the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).

The Réguleo® range includes the following models:
- rainwater flow regulator 0.3 L/s to 5L/s - model Ø 700
- rainwater flow regulator 3 L/s to 12L/s - model Ø 1000